Hot New Idea: Doctors Should Be Trained to Determine Who is “Fit” to Carry a Gun

Most doctors aren’t qualified to be doctors.

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This is from Town Hall.

This can of worms should never be opened. 

Remember when I warned about the dangers of President Obama’s Surgeon General nominee Vivek Murthy? Here’s another reason why the National Rifle Association and even pro-Second Amendment Democrats have lined up togetherto oppose his nomination: the Left wants doctors trained to determine who is “fit” to carry a firearm. More on this proposal and study being used to justify the move from The Atlantic:

 The American Medical Association, the American College of Physicians and U.S. Surgeon General nominee Vivek Murthy are calling gun violence a public health crisis.

North Carolina is among the states where law enforcement can ask physicians to sign off on competency permits, but a recent survey of the state’s doctors shows many of them worry they may not be equipped to judge their patients’ physical and mental ability to handle concealed guns safely…

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