British Military Intelligence Admits Redcoats Were A Bad Idea

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

RedcoatsOn this Independence Day, members high up in the British Military Intelligence community, having had a little to drink and many years to reflect, have decided the time has finally come to admit a major blunder.

Those redcoats worn by British soldiers were a really stupid idea.

This Modern Philosopher received the call at approximately 11AM Maine time.  The gentleman on the other end of the line, while clearly inebriated, asserted that he was of sound mind and body, and wanted to come clean about the Fourth of July and the Revolutionary War.  While he would not allow me to use his real name in my article, he did say I could refer to him as “Sir Secret Source” (not to be confused with Sir Secret Sauce, my insider at a major rap label).

“I just wanted to let you Yanks know that the main reason you won that war…

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