Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Mylar Blankets: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge


By  Josh

Today we’re taking a quick look at some helpful survival knowledge and adding some commentary to assist you in choosing which articles are most helpful to you.

From survivalcommonsense.com: Gear review: Why you should dump the mylar blankets from your survival kit


Articles that challenge conventional wisdom are always worth a look, and the author makes some excellent points about the weaknesses of mylar blankets. I have several (both sealed and semi-folded since those infernal things never go back as small as they were to begin with) that I have kept just in case, and while this article didn’t convince me to throw them away it did make me reconsider relying so much on them for emergency warmth or shelter. Check this post out and see what you think!

From preparednessadvice.com: Using Lists to Keep Your Preps Organized


Compared to learning how to build a campfire with two…

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