VIDEO: These Images and This Statement by a Border Patrol Agent Will Leave You Stunned

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July 1, 2014 By Jennifer Burke

Brandon Darby, editor-in-chief for Breitbart Texas, has spent a lot of time at the Texas-Mexico border documenting what some people are referring to as an invasion. Tens of thousands of illegal aliens have entered the country this year alone. Pictures of thousands of illegal aliens on rooftops of trains headed to the U.S. border are an indication that there is no end in sight. The U.S. government then transports these illegal aliens to American cities, with large numbers going to red states like Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi recently held a press conference from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas during which she proclaimed that the United States border and U.S. sovereignty is irrelevant for, in Pelosi’s view, ‘we [including those from Mexico and Central America] are all Americans.’

The Left continues their push for what they call ‘immigration reform’ despite…

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