The Trigger Event for the UN Takeover of the US


This is an interesting outlook on a possible, or even likely course of events that fits the imagined picture of the New World Order establishing control of America. Before this, it was easy to view the NWO movement as dangerous but more difficult to visualize the actual processes involved. Also very easy to see that America is well on the skids, but where to then? This spells out a possible scenario.

Hopefully wrong, but believable!

An impressive post from ‘The Common Sense Show’, by Dave Hodges.

PartsOne and Two of this series described how the United Nations is poised to take over the United States. The border crisis with tens, if not hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens is threatening to paralyze several un vehicles 2federal agencies. When this number grows to millions, this country and its resources will be paralyzed in terms of responding the holocaust which is underway. Part…

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