Obamacare’s greatest challenge ruling to come any day

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Jonathan Turley brings us possibly great news regarding Obamacare. We knew it would take some years for any legal challenge to wind its way through the courts. This case looks to be the heart stopper for this dreaded Bill. Turley is optimistic, and he is no GOPer. Of course, we have to consider the fact that Obama recently stacked the D.C Court, but if Turley thinks we have a chance, I will go for it. We have been on a winning streak in the courts, lets hope this one goes our way as well.  Here we go:

A far more fundamental challenge to Obamacare is about to be decided by the powerful U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Indeed,

“if Hobby Lobby will create complications for Obamacare, Halbig vs. Burwell could trigger a full cardiac arrest.”

The D.C. Circuit Court is expected to rule any day now on…

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