Energy Dude Sends

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Western Rifle Shooters Association

snow cabin in winter
From over the transom:


I want to point you to some I think important info, a back door assault that I think is going to have major ramifications.The .gov is allowing exports of “unrefined oil” for the first time in forever.


Well, Vlad the Impaler has imperiled Europe by turning off the gas line and also making it “pre pay” environment.

So where will the Eurotard Socialists get their gas this winter?

Duh, the FUSA.

What will exporting shit tons of gas to Europe get us?

Fucked in regard to energy prices this winter. The price of what major winter rural fuel is tied to NG prices? Propane (which by the way went massively short physically this past winter) is used by rural America along with wood.

What does the EPA want to do about wood stoves?

Eliminate them.

See where this is going? It’s a triangle choke…

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