Dept. of Homeland Security: feel safer, sucker?

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Dept. of Homeland Security: feel safer, sucker?

by Jon Rappoport

July 2, 2014

Your big-government-at-work scores again.

In 2003, Congress began pouring money into a program of fusion centers. These 70 outposts, scattered across America, were supposed to coordinate federal, state, and local efforts to gather counter-terrorism intelligence.

You know, to protect America against al-Qaeda.

The lead agency in this program is the US Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS).

In 2012, the Senate Permanent Committee on Investigations issued a chilling report on how this has worked out.

First and foremost, the report indicates that DHS has claimed certain fusion centers exist that don’t exist at all. This should give you a clue about what we are dealing with.

“So how is fusion center #32 doing?”

“Pretty good.”

“Really? Fusion center #32 doesn’t exist.”


Here is the exact statement from the Committee: “…DHS officials asserted that some fusion…

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