Marine-Tested Camouflage Tricks That Will Keep You Alive


Marine-Tested Cammo Techniques To Keep You Safe

By Travis P

Camouflaging is one of the most important skills in the animal kingdom. All sorts of critters employ camo as a technique, from reptiles to moths.

They can blend in, totally disappear and avoid predators without having to be fast. Some predators use their own camo to take prey. These predators don’t have to be fast or strong; they just have to be a little bit smarter than their prey.

It’s a simple fact that the element of surprise is a huge force-multiplier. Ask a United States Marine Corps sniper how he can pick off an entire squad of enemy terrorists, and a major part of his success will be his ability to remain undetected. The same goes for pulling off an ambush. A small force can take down a larger and better armed force with the element of surprise.

Let’s not forget: You win every gunfight you…

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