Constitutional Rights

Running Wolf

To most people, their constitutional rights are whatever they think they are, and they only apply to themselves.  Fortunately, that’s not the way Constitutional rights work.  Instead, we all enjoy the same rights to the same level.  Oh, we can quibble about how money can get you more rights than others, but fundamentally and ideally, we all have the same constitutional rights.

But how we exercise those rights is very important.  For example, the right to remain silent, believe it or not you can’t just stay silent to remain silent.  The Supreme Court has ruled that you must affirmatively exercise this right by saying “I exercise my right to remain silent.”

Other rights throw wrenches in the system that make lots of people unhappy, but it doesn’t matter it’s your right.  Things like the right to a speedy trial.  Let’s suppose someone out of state files a criminal charge against you…

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