“Must Have” Items for Your Everyday Carry Bag


Survivopedia Essential Survival Items

By Chris Black

When it comes to survival, you’ve got to be ready 24/7. You can’t take a sick day, some time off to go to the movies or a vacation. Each and every day, you’ve got to be ready to go, regardless of what life throws at you. The best thing about this job is that it never becomes boring, at least not for us hard core preppers.

Of course, if we’re going to manage to survive whatever life throws at us, it would help to be trained and prepared, as well as have some basic survival equipment along with us.

While there might be some that like the challenge of trying to survive off of what they can scavenge, I prefer stacking the deck in my favor. For that reason, I make sure that I have a good everyday carry bag (EDC), stocked with the right things…

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