Bunkerville Style Event: Alert Colorado

I just received this alert.  For people in Colorado


Greetings, to All Our Brothers and Sisters on the Front Range!

I am getting single-source reporting of a possible Bunkerville-style event stirring up in the area of Montrose, CO.  According to my report, a local patriot is being harassed by at least two different county sheriffs, and the district court is also involved.

One militia group has offered to act as PSD for this individual, and more folks claim to be on the way.  As opposed to what went down in Nevada, the inbound folks want to link up with the local militias in a positive manner for better command/control.

Is there anyone here on the CO board who can confirm or deny this single-source report?

Thanks In Advance,


2 thoughts on “Bunkerville Style Event: Alert Colorado

  1. I want more information on this, I have property in Colorado and will be going back there the 21st.


    • I have found nothing about it. The only thing I came up with was a message from another group who stated the man involved has actually broken some real laws and is attempting to pull the militia community into his personal problems. Most of the people I spoke to said that it was something we shouldn’t involved ourselves in. I suspect – but can’t know because I can’t find the guy’s name or anything, that he’s trying to pull the community in to make them LOOK bad.


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