Kerry rebuked EU for inciting Ukraine ‘tug of war’– report


While publicly denying Russia’s accusation that the EU forced Ukraine choose between Russia and Europe, in private America’s top diplomat reportedly admitted this as fact and that it played a part in escalating the ongoing crisis.“Some folks in Europe made mistakes, the association agreement became too much of an East-West tug of war. It shouldn’t have been,” US Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly said at a private meeting of the Trilateral Commission in Washington last Friday. His words were quoted by the Daily Beast on Tuesday.Russia has long insisted that the EU and the US sparked the political crisis in Ukraine last October. The EU Association Agreement, which President Viktor Yanukovich refused to sign after long deliberation, would require Ukraine to sever or downgrade many of its economic ties with Russia, which would hurt greatly its economy. Yanukovich’s decision triggered the protest in Kiev, which eventually escalated into…

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