Patches on the Uniforms at Bundy Ranch

A lot of people have been trying to figure those patches out.

I noted this on google this morning:


Why Are The BLM Feds Wearing III Patches?! (Solved)…/why-are-blm-feds-wearing-iii-patches.html

3 days ago – UPDATE 2: Hugo de Root at 20:21 may have the answer. The USFS is divided into 10 Regions. Region 3 consists of Arizona and New Mexico.

I can’t see that site where I’m at today, it’s blocked.  If anyone can get the full story there and let us know… well, thanks

One thought on “Patches on the Uniforms at Bundy Ranch

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    I don’t care about any explanation given by BLM and their personnel should not wear “our” patches as they do not like others to wear theirs.
    “III” = Patriots, only. Let BLM do “R-9” or similar, in pink.


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