Obama’s Zero Tolerance Policy For Dissent

Obama can kiss my Irish ass. Dissent is in the air. He can’t squelch it, no matter what he does.

There are many more Americans than there are “government workers with guns”. I’m sorry, but if you give up your guns, you’re an idiot. If Congress doesn’t IMPEACH this man, they are going to be removed from office right along with him.

Real Science

Obama had filmmaker D’Souza charged with campaign finance fraud, because D’Souza made a film critical of him. Obama’s excuse was a “zero tolerance policy” for campaign bundlers.

Meanwhile, Obama was selling ambassadorships to campaign bundlers.

President Obama has taken the art of naming donors and other politically connected chums as ambassadors to a new level, despite pledging in 2008 to shake up Washington’s back-scratching ways.

A string of gaffes by some of his recent nominees has thrust the Washington practice of appointing donors to foreign posts back into the spotlight. The administration faced difficult questions from the press last week, for instance, after Obama’s nominee to Argentina admitted he’d never been there.

But a look back at how Obama’s appointments stack up to those of his predecessors shows it’s not just business as usual — if anything, the current president is using diplomatic gigs to reward bundlers and contributors seemingly…

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