RESIGN OBAMA. CAUGHT ON VIDEO-ObamaCARE Navigators Encourage Fraud, Tax Cheating & More

The Mad Jewess

RESIGN OBAMA. ObamaCARE Navigators Encourage Fraud, Tax Cheating & More

JAMES O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN!! I am never dis-satisfied with helping him, financially: Donate here, $5-, $10-, $50-

The Main Steam media is covering Miley Cyrus’s pot smoking, the NFL Incognito man, Dancing with the stars.  MSNBC is covering how models have ‘secret guilt pleasures’, & how to collect cool electronic gadgets before they’re gone. Anything but how Obama advises his brothas and sistas to defraud ‘evil’ whitey in Texas:

No wonder Obama is whining “JESUS!” (Allah aint gonna help him, obviously)   Did Obama whine ‘Jesus’ after laying wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?

From the Pittsburg Tribune ty to Sandy:


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