Keep working? Research suggests retirement kills brain cells

NOT! In truth, when one retires, one moves on to other things. Just sitting around the house collecting unused fat about one’s middle, and vegetating in front of a mindless television is certainly a damned good way to lose brain cells. But, I might suggest that if you plan ahead and DO THINGS, you plan things, and you accomplish something new, you’re in better shape than the average retiree.

I can tell you – I haven’t yet retired officially, but I’ve got “boots on the ground”. I’ll still be working a little while longer, and we’re putting the house back on the market after Thanksgiving to get it sold – but right now, I’ve already found that getting RID of television (we don’t have one at ALL in the house right now) has forced me to continue my studies on celestial navigation, working on my writing, and I am taking up guitar (something I’ve always wanted to do, and in fact, find it difficult to type at my normal 3000 words per minute right now, lol).

The fact is, when you retire – you should be PREPARED to retire. Not sit on your ass and do nothing at all.

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