Governor Palin and Todd attend Billy Graham’s 95th birthday celebration (photos)

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Governor Palin posted the photo above and the comment below on her Facebook page last night after she and Todd attended Reverend Billy Graham’s 95th birthday celebration in North Carolina.

What an inspiring night of celebration for a man who has given so much to so many! Be sure to tune into FOX News tonight at 10pm ET to witness a presentation of the most important news any of us will ever hear. It’s “My Hope America” with Billy Graham. It’s the positive reminder that the answers our world needs are at the foot of the cross. Happy Birthday, Reverend Billy Graham.

Photo courtesy of BGEA

A schedule for additional viewings through November 10 of  “The Cross” from “My Hope America” can be found here.   A video of the entire presentation can now be found here  and  here.

Video retrieved from Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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