Take some cash out and keep it at home.

For all my friends, family and those of you who bother to read this thread…. I’m making a couple of comments and a suggestion here. Read it and take it however you like.

If we go through ANY kind of a major economic crash in the next few weeks due to the government shut down, you can bet it will have been fake. However, clearly if you have cash in the banks right now and they “declare a bank holiday” you will not have cash in your hands and pockets

I strongly suggest that if you don’t have cash, silver, gold or any other ‘trading materials’ that you make sure you do that this week.

If you have a few thousand in the bank, take some OUT. Not enough to trigger the government snoops on your back, but enough to get you through a couple of weeks.

If the power were to suddenly go out – how you gonna get cash?

If the EBT cards are any indication of what could suddenly happen because of a mere computer glitch, just IMAGINE what happens when the system goes Tango Uniform for a couple of weeks (instead of a few hours).