Obama’s Plot of Revenge – OFA to Rally at Capitol against Veterans and Tea Party

Make the lie big….

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us capitol buildiing 300x199 OFA to protest Tea Party at Capitol rally

The thin-skinned despot invading the Oval Office is up to no good.  Obama is calling out his road dogs to protest the protesters of the past few weeks post the partial government shutdown and those protesting his maltreatment of the U. S. Military while silencing the growing voices of dissent.

OFA to protest Tea Party at Capitol rally Following a weekend of protests by truckers, veterans, and patriots of all stripes, a group of leftist sycophants is planning a rebuttal Tuesday. Organizing for Action, the ostensibly nonprofit group whose sole purpose seems to be campaigning for Barack Obama and his failed policies, is set to rail against conservatives during a noon rally at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. To mark the “start of […]

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In other words, the rallies of the past two weeks…

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