Why are the Iranians Holding this former marine? Still?

Two YEARS?  This administration has done nothing to get his release?  I don’t care what his name is.  He served in the United States Marine Corps.

September 11, 2013, 11:25 AM

American held in Iran writes letter to John Kerry describing “miserable prison conditions”

This undated file photo released by his family via FreeAmir.org shows Amir Hekmati.

This undated file photo released by his family via FreeAmir.org shows Amir Hekmati. / AP Photo/Hekmati family via FreeAmir.org, File

DETROIT A former U.S. Marine held in Iran for two years said in a letter to the U.S. secretary of state that he has endured “miserable prison conditions” and believes Tehran is holding him hostage for use in a possible prisoner exchange.

Amir Hekmati’s letter, handwritten and dated Sept. 1, was addressed to John Kerry and first published Wednesday by Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

Hekmati, 30, wrote that he has been “held on false charges based solely on confessions obtained by force, threats, miserable prison conditions and prolonged periods of solitary confinement.

“This is part of a propaganda and hostage-taking effort by Iranian intelligence to secure the release of Iranians abroad being held on security-related charges,” he wrote in the letter that the Guardian said was smuggled from the prison.

Family spokesman Greg Romano told The Associated Press that Hekmati’s sister, Sarah Hekmati, authenticated the letter, confirming that the handwriting is her brother’s as is the letter’s tone. Romano provided the AP with a copy of the letter.

The AP sent an email seeking comment from the State Department on Wednesday.

Hekmati has been detained in Iran on what the U.S. says are false espionage charges since his 2011 arrest. Hekmati’s family says he traveled to Iran to visit his grandmothers.

The letter goes on to say that while Hekmati and his family “have suffered greatly,” he “will accept nothing but” an unconditional release.

The State Department late last month repeated its call for Tehran to release Hekmati and two other Americans. It said the U.S. requested assistance from new President Hasan Rouhani — viewed as more moderate than his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

4 thoughts on “Why are the Iranians Holding this former marine? Still?

  1. Could it be possible that he worked for CIA? Maybe the Russians knew about him and sold him out?
    Governments? This crap sounds more like organized crime families at war with each other.


    • I don’t know. I’ve been all over the world. I had a job to do. I did it. Nobody screwed with me. I didn’t screw with them (unless they screwed with me, then it is was on). I think it’s BS these Americans keep getting arrested as “spies” when everyone knows they aren’t (look at those kids that got arrested there for accidentally hiking over the wrong, unmarked border….)


    • Maybe I’m just suspicious. There seems to be too many “dumb-and-happy” people being taken into custody for alleged espionage. Can’t say it’s journalism, because they end up raped. Imprisoned usually reserved as bargaining chip for espionage allegations.


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