Update: Syria: Russian and American Ships

I got more information about what I posted earlier here.


Apparently everyone is concerned about the actual CW in Syria.  The Russians provided this stuff according to our own intelligence groups.

The Russians want CONTROL of the situation to prevent US from seeing they provided it.

The US wants to collect it, remove it, and turn it over to an “International Group”.

The Russians want to collect it, remove it and HIDE the crap.

This is why so many ships are showing up, why Russia has so many landing ships.  This is why we’re ready to BOMB the crap, we want it gone – the Russians want it hidden from sight.  The Syrians want to use it.  The Russians want the Arabs to USE it on the Israelis.

This is a lot deeper and darker than most of us in the US knew or thought.

If we go in there, we need to do the job RIGHT and Obama isn’t the guy to do it, neither is Kerry the guy to diplomatically clean this up.  Hillary would have been better (I just threw up a little in my mouth….).

Either way this shit isn’t going to get cleaned up EASILY.

Brace yourselves – this will continue to escalate until the United States gets their hands on, or destroys the chemical weapons stocks, or the Russians remove it, hide it and convince the US it’s gone or didn’t exist.

I don’t care what some of you are saying about Russia having the “high moral ground”, “Putin is a Christian” or “Putin is a real leader”… The RUSSIANS ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED, PERIOD.

Check your bags, weapons and supplies.


2 thoughts on “Update: Syria: Russian and American Ships

  1. I will continue to not trust anything coming out of DC. For too long, it has been nothing but lies, and nothing but attacks on the US Constitution and “extremist” Patriots. But being of Sicilian heritage, I tend to be a bit more suspicious about everything. If we had a real president, and a real congress, it would probably be different, but the fact is, what we have for leadership is the absolute worst.


    • I trust God, the Constitution and myself – and other Patriots to keep our country free, in SPITE of our government.

      I don’t trust the Russians. I never will. I will never trust former KGB men.


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