10 thoughts on “Russia Sends Another Warship Towards Syria (VIDEO)

  1. Translation:
    The president is going to get involved in a military conflict as Syrian President is seated with UN officials in ascension of 1925 Geneva Compact and will sign on to eliminate chemical weapons in Syria. If that happens, then the US is in a position of being the Evil Empire.
    Too many naval vessels in an area might lead to an accidental collision which will only escalate matters that are already bad. The UN, International Law, Russian Federation, and Syria, have the moral high ground. Certainly not anything a rank amateur president should be getting America mixed up in, considering his argument is not based on factual evidence of WHOM it was that did deploy the chemical weapons.
    I thought the affair was over because of a peaceful resolution but troop movement and vessel escalation into the region indicate otherwise.
    I wonder if Muslim members of the US Military are going to fight if it happens, or are they going to side with Islam? They are trained and dangerous.


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