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Good morning folks.  In the past few weeks we’ve watch a very classic Cold War Escalation Scenario.   I don’t think I have to cover it all, but a very basic summary here:

Someone in Syria uses Chemical Weapons on civilians.  About 1200 confirmed dead.

Videos come out showing some victims twitching, drooling, and with other symptoms of either Sarin or VX gas (Nerve agents).

The US has “intelligence” it is Assad.

Assad blames the Rebels.

We know the rebels are in large part groups of Al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups.

Russia is allied with Assad

The Russians can’t be trusted to do the right thing – regardless of those of you taken with him.

Obama can’t be trusted to do the right thing – regardless of those of you taken with him.

Military Warships from Britain, France, United States, China, Russia and other countries converge on the Mediterranean.

We threaten.  Syria threatens.  Russia Threatens.  China sides with Russia.  France sides with us.  Venezuela threatens (didn’t see that coming did you?).

MORE warships filter into the area.  Rumors of US troops being prepared for deployment are hitting the airwaves.

Russia threatens some MORE today.

Folks, if this doesn’t settle down soon there will be a tipping point that none of us in the United States want to see happen.  The MAJORITY of Americans don’t want to even bother with Syria while we have Congress and the President “debating” the politics, we’re all sitting back aghast at what is dumb and dumber working diplomatic channels (That would be Obama and Kerry).

If that tipping point happens we will see at least a conventional war or some kind of military intervention from Russia.  Now, I think we all KNOW American and stomp them into the ground, but we don’t really want to have to do that. Putin is now button pushing (as is Obama for that matter) – and either way it happens we’re all (Americans and Russians) are about to get caught up in the middle of a world war we don’t want.

The issue at hand is this could be THE War to End ALL Wars.  Nuclear weapons could be used and this is my greatest fear.

There are plenty of reasons to think this won’t happen.  There are as many reasons to think it can.

What I am writing this post for is simply to implore each of you to consider your personal options for survival.  We all want to live.  But if nuclear weapons become involved we’re all going to be in deep, deep trouble without us doing ANYTHING to deserve it.

So – read, collect information, get your affairs in order quickly.  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

If you come over to my site, look at the right hand column under survival pages.  There is some VERY basic information there which might or might not be helpful to you.

My advice is to read it, print it, make a book out of it.  Go to the links I provide and from there collect other data and links.  Build a “Survival Manual”.  Hard copy (and sure put it all on a thumb drive).

If nuclear weapons start flying EMP will destroy most computer systems.  The Internet will be disconnected in places, if not altogether.  Cities will be hit.  People will die.  Commerce will cease.  The world will slow to a crawl.  Planes won’t be flying.  Bombs will fall.  Invasions will occur.  You will either starve, dehydrate, die in an attack, be killed by roving bands of gangs and scavengers or you can buckle down and practice your self defense, shooting, and collect some food and water and be prepared for anything.

Am I predicting this? No.  Do I think it will happen?  Probably not.  But there is still a chance that given the state of the world right now, the actual, on-going escalation that a mistake or even a very, very dumb move on someone’s part will trigger just such an event.

Those of you who are “preppers” already are ready.  Those of us who’ve have contacts with local militias are probably ready.  Those who have been preparing for the worst in the USA are prepared.

I’m talking to you skeptics, and those who believe in all their hearts “It can’t happen here” – I don’t want you people surprised.  My job, my life has been spent teaching people to take care of themselves, to train themselves, to THINK for themselves.  If you don’t believe me, believe what you are reading in the news.

If you think 9-11 changed America (and not for the better) imagine what even a couple of nuclear devices could do to this country.

Wake up and PAY ATTENTION!


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  1. A most dreadful thought if what we all think, ever happened, because terrorism from Muslims might cause harm to life as we know it, and Congress would be faced with either having to round up and deport Muslims or, risk that Americans would strike against the Muslims in the US.
    The flip side of the coin would be to have massive Katrina-like operations to disarm the People. This can only be done by surprise because word would spread very fast. It would have to be done when the power grid goes down and communications are down. Aside from the stars and moon phase, that operation might be carried out on a 24 hour basis or, during night when all is dark. The fly in the ointment, if so, is that the moon phase does not favor a night operation. You will be surprised how quickly your eyes adjust, and how bright the night sky can be.


    • Nay, old man…
      Visually impaired tend to have higher resolution in low light environments. The is why “Low Light” is practiced in Police Combat shooting ranges. It’s like looking at black and white photography, the eye is drawn to the subject or center of attention. Squint your eyes a little bit and reduction of orbital aperture makes things clear. Also, (I can’t find mine since the flood) blue filter over flashlight lens will make blood trailing much easier as it almost glows black. Only three colors of light exist, red, blue, and green. Everything else including black and white, are concentrations of the three main colors. In daylight, a color wheel of opposing colors cause recognition, and they are yellow, magenta, and cyan (?). Most interesting subject.


    • Well, I do know the black and white, and look out of the corner/side vision. I have done astronomy since I was a little kid. I still have pretty poor night vision now, but that’s because my eye sight is failing in that area. :( It’s ok, though… I can still hit crap in the dark I found out. lol


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