California Assembly Passes Semi-Auto Firearms Ban

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As most of the nation’s gun community kept our eyes on the historic Colorado recall yesterday, our friends in California were facing a far different fate.

The bill that was passed by the assembly yesterday can probably be considered the strictest gun ban in the country. It bans the sale of semi-auto rifles that can accept a magazine of more than 10 rounds.

People who own such rifles would have to register them with the state.

The State Assembly passed the bill 44-31. Now it goes back to the state senate where it is expected the amendments the Assembly put in place will be accepted as the senate already passed the original version of the bill.

The bill will then go to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown, who is expected to sign the legislation.

There is some opposition to the bill according to Reuters,

“I don’t know…

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2 thoughts on “California Assembly Passes Semi-Auto Firearms Ban

  1. Wait a moment, any magazine fed semi-auto rifle
    can accept a magazine that holds more
    than ten rounds.


    • You know, people who try to take your toys don’t even know how the toys work.

      When it comes to guns, anti-gunners don’t use facts, they use lies, deceit, made up statistics and fear mongering….

      So when it comes right down to it, they should have their freedom of speech removed – along with their tongues for lying.


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