The Liars Are Dealt A Serious Blow

The politicians have been given a warning. This is their FINAL warning.

Tarpon's Swamp

WASHINGTON POST: The Colorado recalls dealt a serious blow to gun-control advocates. Here’s why.

“Something pretty remarkable happened in Colorado on Tuesday night. John Morse, the Democratic president of the state Senate, was recalled from office. So was Democratic state Sen. Angela Giron. Taken together, the losses arguably represent the biggest defeat for gun-control advocates since the push for expanded background checks failed in the U.S. Senate earlier this year. . . . It’s not every day that you see an incumbent recalled from office, let alone someone as high-profile as a state Senate president. The message the defeat of Morse and Giron sends to legislators all across the country is unmistakable: If you are thinking about pushing for new gun-control laws, you could face swift consequences.”

So it’s a serious blow when the citizen push back feel good liberalism.

It’s all Democrats do, tug on your heart…

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