It is looking like the Russians are going to come out on top of this conflict.

They are making a deal with Syria to give up their WMD.

America looks like a country full of idiots, run by a clown.

Russia looks strong, morally superior and Putin looks like a true leader now.

A possible nuclear war may has been averted.

Tonight Obama will go on television and “claim victory”.

Only in America.



3 thoughts on “Syria

  1. Hold on… Kerry just slapped Lavrov with an insult that he did not mean what he said about placing chemical weapons in the hands of international controllers to be destroyed. Obama also gave a veiled threat, “If you people don’t trust us, you are going to have problems.”
    It appears that the Muslim Chiefs in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are seeking a determined entry into Syria by the United States. This isn’t quite over yet. Obama just might do something very stupid and then declare martial law to prevent impeachment. If that happens, it might, very possibly result in a Second Revolutionary War. The best thing would be to declare him insane and remove him from office. Let’s see how the cockroaches in congress respond.


    • I don’t think he’s stupid enough to declare martial law to prevent impeachment, lol. I think everyone in the country is breathing a “sigh of relief” today because Obama is being let off the hook, the Democraps don’t have to be “Hawks” and “warmongers”, Putin (a commie) looks GOOD out of all this, America looks like shit.

      See? It’s all working out for the Progressives isn’t it?


  2. Obama will have ample opportunity to dance his way up to November when the Power Grid goes down, and then strike at America by declaring A) Martial Law; B) Dictatorship.


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