So, Did Assad Just “Blink” or “Wink”?

Good question…

The Universal Spectator

For the last couple weeks we have been witness to the Obama administration’s ineptness with the reality of being a world power, and with the way the world spins.

Or … have they just been coloring outside the lines, and very messily so, in order to push through an agenda they had in mind all along?

From the start of Obama’s crowing about striking Syria for the alleged gas attack on Syrian civilians, and then the “gaffes” and statement ‘walk-backs’ between the White House and the State Department.

And then Vlad Putin seemingly appears to step up and save “world peace”, and the Assad regime. From the start it has looked and smelled an awful lot like a “Good Cop – Bad Cop” play. It does look/sound very suspicious, and never lose sight of Iran being a ‘silent partner’ throughout all of this with Syria and Russia … and NEVER…

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