Obama Fighting Americans on Syria and losingg

WASHINGTON — President Obama faces a daunting and uphill battle to win congressional authorization for a military strike on Syria, a USA TODAY Network survey of senators and representatives finds.

The comprehensive poll of Congress finds that only a small fraction of the 533 lawmakers — 22 senators and 22 House members — are willing to say they will support the use of force in response to the reported use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime. Far more overall — 19 senators and 130 House members — say they will oppose a resolution that would authorize military strikes.

The largest group of lawmakers remains undecided, including a majority of the Senate and the House. That could create an opportunity for the president to persuade them in a string of six interviews with TV network anchors Monday and a televised address to the nation Tuesday. The Senate could vote as early as Wednesday.




8 thoughts on “Obama Fighting Americans on Syria and losingg

  1. I think it’s all a Punch ‘n’ Judy show. He’s going to do something stupid, anyway. That will be his downfall. The Russians said that they will petition the International Court at the Hague for war crimes. Maybe that’s how we get rid of him or, he will go on a rampage and destroy this country. Then we all have to stick together and not allow it to happen. Military and law enforcement will be needed to be on the same page as the People.


    • I can’t even imagine that the Hague would try Obama for “war crimes” – or any American President for that matter. Then again, I wouldn’t expeect a sitting President to go completely against the people of this country and go to war, take their guns, force them onto a Government Health Care system, spy on us, steal from us, use the IRS to intimidate us….

      So who knows? Perhaps something good will come of all this.


  2. Well, they’re running damned near out of Nazis to chase around, and will need something else to go after, so why not left them pursue Obama, Kerry, Hillary, etc., etc.?
    I’ll bring the chips and dip (maybe a keg, too).


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