To go to Syria or Not

Up until today I’ve considered this whole Syria thing total folly.

But my American Military Mind started really thinking this through.

Today several Travel Warnings were issued by State.  It occurs to me that the US Government isn’t telling the Public everything.  So, I’m going to lay this out as if I were standing there listening in to the briefings we can’t usually hear.

Pretend for a moment you’re standing in a Congressional Classified Briefing and they bring up the number of “rebel groups” (There are about 1200 different groups).  They bring up that the most powerful among those Rebels are Hezbollah related.  Hearing more information about this and the fact that there are actually chemical weapons available in that country you realize suddenly that if the Rebels WIN this civil war, they get their hands on those WMD.

Now, who do you think will not OWN those items?


To use that stuff on Americans. On US Embassies.  On Israelis.  On Christians.  On innocents.  On cities.  On subways, trains, airports, malls….

After considering this, perhaps the whole reason the President wants to go in there (other than regime change which I think is his real reason for this) is to stop the terrorists.  Nope.  Obomber doesn’t want to do that, those are his people.  He wants to clear out Assad and allow the Muslim Brotherhood to take over.

The Pentagon, the US military, Congress and most of the American people are smarter than the President gives us credit for being.  The MILITARY will go in there and secure or destroy the WMD to prevent it from falling into the hands of terrorists.

Remember them calling Bush a liar about Iraqi WMD?  Remember most of us saying “It was moved to Syria”?  Remember that Obama doesn’t want Bush to get any credit and is blaming him for everything?

No folks what this is truly about is allowing Obama to appear like a winner, Bush like a loser, hiding the fact that the WMD in Syria belonged to Saddam (and this will vindicate Bush if we can get a-hold of that stuff and prove it) and it will put Obama OUT of Office.

Honestly, this is a lot more complex than just letting Muslims to kill Muslims, or bombing some random camels and tents like Clinton did.  No, no, no, my fellow Patriots.

This is Obama trying to get us nuked.

This is Obama trying to hide the fact the WMD belonged to Saddam.

This is Obama trying to look good.

This is the Pentagon trying to stop terrorists from getting their hands on these weapons.

My final thinking on this is… we probably should go in there.  But do it right.  Everything we’ve got.  Take down BOTH sides of this conflict, destroy the chemical weapons and vindicate Bush, and if we get the chance, kick Russia in the nuts and take them down as well.

America has been made out to be a pansy-assed country by our OWN President.  It’s time to remove this guy from office and do the right thing.  But we have to DO IT RIGHT!


3 thoughts on “To go to Syria or Not

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    A lot of troubling thoughts presented. The al-Qaeda Congress, will never impeach their al-Qaeda leader. We are stuck on the wrong side of history. Another issue is that of the Russians being more truthful than those on the Al-Qaeda Capitol Hill. True, the Russians have their own agenda but, the al-Qaeda Government controls everything the media hamsters do, and they are in a treadmill of oblivion. Saudi Arabia and Qatar must be attacked. Question is, who exactly would be the person(s) that did hide WMDs from Iraq, where are those persons that can lead directly to discovery? A bigger concern is that there might be terror attacks en masse within the United States.


    • I don’t trust the Russians as far as I can throw them… as an American and a Patriot, I KNOW they are lying usually. But I have to agree with you on the point they are being more truthful than our own President at the moment. However, let’s NOT forget those WMD that WERE in Iraq. They CAME from Russia originally for Iraq to fight Iran, and later for Syria to use against Israel if necessary. The Russians have had a hand in this destabilization since the beginning of their own history as the Soviet Union and they are still meddling in the Middle East.

      Al-Qaeda is the most powerful group over there; leaderless cells exist all over. They are dangerous. If they get their hands on the WMD they won’t hesitate to use them against us, Israel, and the West in general.

      I’m just as concerned as you and the military about terrorist attacks on America. I have small grand children these days for whom I care greatly. I will defend them to the death, and I’ll defend my children (adults) as well. Some of them will stand with me (also military and former military) and we as Americans will stand against them all. Those idiots who side with the terrorists are traitors to this country. They won’t last long because if the terrorists don’t kill them ANYWAY, some of us will.

      We’re on the precipice right now, to a World War that will make WW II look like child’s play. Nuclear and other WMD WILL be used if we go in there. But, at the same time I think IF we’re going to do it, we do it RIGHT. We obliterate the Syrian Army, we destroy the terrorist groups there and if the Russians get in the way, we kick their asses too. This is no longer a matter of a few children dying from Sarin or VX gas. This is a matter of stopping weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists.

      In a perfect world we shouldn’t do this. In a perfect world the Russians would have stopped this crap themselves. In a perfect world, terrorists would exist only as a small, impotent group of people who are not state supported.

      We live in a severely imperfect world and there is little to do now but sit on the side lines and let the barbarians ride through, killing us all. Or we go kill the barbarians where they stand.

      My heart says this is a very bad thing to do – to go into Syria, half-cocked, half-planned, incorrectly organized, without support of allies, and without thinking it through.

      My brain says that something must be done, but if so we must do it correctly, with overwhelming fire power and stop the threat cold, completely and forever.


  2. The Russians are pretty sure, that their deal with the devil will benefit them, and when the time comes they will just exterminate the Islamic terrorists. It is classic Soviet era thought process.


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