Russian Warships Cross Bosphorus

Russian Warships Cross Bosphorus

Added by Alsu Salakhutdinov on September 5, 2013.

Russian Warships Crossed Bosphorus

Three additional Russian warships – SSV-201 intelligence ship Priazovye and two landing ships Minsk and Novocherkassk crossed Bosphorus strait, France Press agency reported from Istanbul.

Russian warships are on their way to the Syrian coast, says the Agency.

Russia is strongly opposing any military intervention against the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad; blamed for the use of chemical weapon on the outskirts of Damascus, which allegedly killed more than 1000 people. Russia is the biggest supporter of the regime and its biggest arm supplier.

5 thoughts on “Russian Warships Cross Bosphorus

    • Well, perhaps. However, most Americans, something like 60% are completely against any action in Syria. If the vote in Congress were taken today, the House would vote against it, and Senate for it. That won’t fly. That leaves the President on his own to do what he thinks is right. Most of us think it is wrong.


    • Dave, I would say “Yes” to your question. I grew up and lived through the Cold War. I know what the Russians are like, and I’ve met and defeated Communists on their own turf. We don’t need to do this thing in Syria. But we don’t need to start lobbing nuclear weapons at Russia and them at us either.


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