“If I were the Devil”……by Paul Harvey in 1965 America

I don’t watch TV. I AM a storm spotter and chaser. I don’t need television to brainwash me any further. Don’t watch television. Time to go back to a previous time.

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I watch tv…..I am not a tv fan.   I watch the History Channel,  occasionally the Military channel, some of animal environment stuff,  tornado hunters, but most of all I watch tv true crime collections.

I used to enjoy watching  sports,  especially  Vikings and Twins.   Gradually, I discovered losing was boring and turned to other expressions in life……my devotion to the art of landscape garden in particular.     I still work most days of the landscape season’s labor….and am blessed considering that I can still do so.

I also  watch and  live  in  our time of decay of the American Way.

Those who cost in life have become powerful politically, narcotically, financially,  educationally,  sexually, and religiously well organized to disenfranchise those of us who still believe and strive to defend traditional American values.

Barack Hussein Obama is still president.

This past weekend I saw for the first time a Hollywood film I…

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