4 thoughts on “Liberal Hypocrisies

  1. Did the ever ban a Bush mocker? Funny, I remember that as being fashionable, but then came a thin-skinned black man to the office and whoa to mockery and “disrespect”.


    • No, they never banned a Bush mocker.

      In fact, over the last few years I’ve heard of people being arrested, or investigated by the Secret Service for making certain “wishes”.

      The Left “Wished” Bush dead many times. In fact, they wished a LOT of the Right dead over time. Never heard of them being investigated or arrested.

      But say one word about their Messiah – and BOOM, you’re up to your nose in a river of diarrhea, with the devil in a motor boat headed in your direction.

      That makes me wonder if that Judge that recently made the parents change the kid’s name from “Messiah” to “Martin”.

      Think about that one.


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