Nuclear Terror Attack!

Got your attention, didn’t I?  Well, good, pay attention here.  We haven’t been training people for such an attack in forever… not since I was a little kid.  Remember “Duck and Cover”?

Check this out:


Indiana at center of national terror response training exercise

Thousands of members of the armed forces including members of the Indiana National Guard are participating in mass disaster training in Jennings County.

Exercise Vibrant Response is in full effect at the Muscatatuck training camp and Camp Atterbury in Johnson County.

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There is a video at the above link and here’s more for you to see.


3 thoughts on “Nuclear Terror Attack!

  1. When I had the NBC training, it was then expected that 1st and 2d responders would be dead, and 3d responders would “probably” take control of the scene. If training is back, maybe somebody is expecting something, again. Hopefully in the 21st Century, it is no longer a laughing matter od losses of 1st and 2d responders.


    • We (military) had a yearly refresher for NBC (later, and now called CBRN). Because my job was such that everyone else depended on what I did (communications) for things to function, the word to get out, and to be able to talk to other levels… my groups were always well trained – and continued our training on a regular basis.

      I remember much of it, but these days have little access to certain equipment.

      When I brought up “Civil Defense” at a meeting a couple years back in an Emergency Operations Center for the County where I live (as a communications provider, non-civil service, volunteer) I was nearly laughed out of the room.

      “No one is going to nuke us. That’s stupid…”

      Ok, says I, live with that. I’ve really not done much with them since. I won’t volunteer any more to help government officials.

      Let “Darwin” care for them.


  2. Yes. The laughter I heard also at the training. Right after that, it was (of all people) Alex Jones who warned about a “drum” filled with germs that was being sought by the feds. Everyone went into a most concerned operating condition and were stopping all panel box vans and trucks. Some time later, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the feds made an arrest of somebody trying to sell two canisters the size of Fosters beer oil cans. A third canister was later recovered. We were looking for 55 gallon drums. The small canisters were lethal to potential of killing between 10,000 to 15,000 people as reported by local newspapers (we read newspapers back then), and nobody laughed or had stupid grins on their faces. They all looked at me and asked how I knew about this. I told them some crazy guy on a radio program was excited and sounded like he was going to have a stroke, said it. The matter was showcased in the following year’s (1997?) training with news clippings and how serious the episode was.


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