Scientists say ISON, so called ‘Comet of the Century’ may fizzle

Ah, hedge your bets early so you can look good later. Hell, it’s the only way to make it these days anyway. Even the Globull Warming Bullshit Artists are trying to hedge their bets. If this comet would have been bright, THEY would have said it was because of Global Warming.

The Extinction Protocol

July 31, 2013 SPACEAstronomers slated to meet this week to discuss observing plans for Comet Ison may not have much to talk about. The so-called “Comet of the Century” may already have fizzled out. “The future of comet Ison does not look bright,” astronomer Ignacio Ferrin, with the University of Antioquia in Colombia, said in a statement. Ferrin’s calculations show the comet, which is currently moving toward the Sun at 26 km per second, has not brightened since mid-January. That may be because the comet is already out of ice particles in its body, which melt as the comet moves closer to the Sun, creating a long, bright tail. Another theory is that the comet is covered in a layer of silicate dust that snuffs out water vapor and other gases that brighten the comet. “Comet ISON has been on a standstill for more than 132 days……

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