“Phony, Fake Scandals” sound byte

New White House Strategy is aimed at the Washington Press Corps in the hope that the Press will simply declare all the scandals over with and done so Obama can continue tearing down the country.



One thought on ““Phony, Fake Scandals” sound byte

  1. Unfortunately, the conduct of many in DC are not only un-American, it goes beyond that, all the way into a definition of anti-American. Like many other Americans, I continually find myself displeased by scandal, after scandal, and nothing, after nothing, ever done to address the problems in a stern manner befitting a president, who should be THE one who is outraged by any scandal or inappropriate conduct of anyone representing the Government of the United States. Unless of course, the president is not running the show, and is merely a puppet on someone else’s strings. This too, makes sense.


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