War Declared! More….

Well, I guess there’s never a dull moment in Obama’s Army these days….




10 Apr 2013
by News Editor

Read more about this email HERE.

Read more about this email HERE.

Read more: http://joemiller.us/2013/04/101st-battalion-commanders-outrageous-e-mail-to-subordinates-characterizing-traditionalists-as-haters/#ixzz2ZtAIspPl

4 thoughts on “War Declared! More….

  1. Some of the groups are CLEARLY hate groups. Many of them are merely using their own first amendment rights. MOST of them have a right in this country to speak though we might not agree with them.

    Terrorists? Patriot groups?

    Go pound sand.


    • Rubber stamp… lol I guess I think that any General that stands there and says “terrorist” and “patriot” in the same sentence is a fucking idiot myself.


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