Write the DOJ

Here’s the email address they want to use to go after Zimmerman.

Fill it up.  Here’s some ideas:

1) Name the entire Congress as criminals.

2) Name Eric Holder as a liar. (Alternatively, make sure they know about Fast and Furious).

3) Name the NSA, IRS and all the other agencies who’ve been harassing Americans.

4) Name any Anti-Gun Liberals.

5) Name the Hollyweird people who can’t really understand where their bread is buttered.

6) Use your imagination

3 thoughts on “Write the DOJ

    • :) Don’t worry…. be happy. The world is upside down.

      But, an Irishman (of Irish Descent!) like myself can never fall off the world when he’s drunk, as long as there’s ONE blade of grass to hold on to!


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