Sanford, FL Police State Prepping for Post Zimmerman Trial Reaction

Yeah, well…. I hope they are bringing in the National Guard, because in all honesty there won’t be anything left after Zimmerman is (correctly) found not guilty. Then again, I’m more worried about Detroit, Chicago and LA being burned to the ground. Detroit… well, who cares (I’m originally from there) and the rest of them there MIGHT be some poor white folks left there who will be treated like dirt, killed, raped, murdered, and lost forever to history……

The media has made this into a circus. The MEDIA is who forced Zimmerman to be arrested. It was the MEDIA who has been perpetrating the myth this was racially motivated, that Zimmerman “hunted” Martin, and that Zimmerman was told to not follow Martin and still did.

Today it came out it was LEGAL FOR HIM TO FOLLOW MARTIN. Tough on the Prosecution.

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Sandford Police Confiscating firearms of residents in lieu of zimmerman verdict

Not trusting Americans to do the right thing or so they would have us believe and expecting trouble from outsiders, Sanford, Florida’s police department is prepping for possible negative reaction to the George Zimmerman trial verdict in the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Sanford police are going door to door speaking with Sanford’s residents and asking for the involvement of pastors in the community.


The most recent example of a police-state presence is developing even now in Sanford, Fla., where neighborhood-watch participant George Zimmerman is on trial for murder for the death of teenager Trayvon Martin….

…Police say they fear the backlash from the community which could develop at the point the jury verdict is delivered.  Los Angeles had days of rioting when the Rodney King verdict came down.

So Sanford Police Chief Cecile Smith confirmed officers are going door-to-door talking to people.

‘Our worst fear is that we’d have…

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