DuckDuckGo search engine attracts hordes post revelation of NSA spying

I don’t know who owns DuckDuckGo. How do we know this isn’t merely an NSA storefront set up to attract people away from Google? LOL

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Financial Post – Tech Desk

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo has attracted of news users in the wake of revelations that Google and other prominent tech firms have been handing over user data to U.S. intelligence agencies.

Traffic to the five-year old search site, which says it doesn’t store users’ information, has jumped 33% in the two weeks since news of the snooping scandal first broke, founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg told CNBC this week….

Upstart DuckDuckGo Challenges Google With Strong Privacy, Cool Tools & Quackpot Name (Article from Search Engine Land 01/26/2011)

Here at Search Engine Land we regularly hear from people who have created “radical,” innovative,” “next generation” search technology, promising to “fix” the “broken” search we all allegedly pitifully struggle with today. In virtually every instance that I can remember, these promises over-hype and under-deliver, rarely offering something that becomes part of my regular search arsenal.

But the bizarrely-named

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