Black Forest fire Update, 17 June 2013

Colorado fire considered a crime scene

BATFE now on scene helping investigate the fire.

Now, I’m not an expert on such matters but in general from what I’ve seen and experienced with the military and working in the civilian world when the BATFE shows up usually either “illegal” guns or explosives were involved.

The county Sheriff (Terry Makita) stated that this was a “human caused fire”.  They aren’t saying “accident or deliberate” yet.

Last year’s Waldo Canyon fire (both of these were in view of my own house, one west and one north) was labeled the same.

Monday, 24 hours before the Black Forest Fire started another fire was started on the Air Force Academy (AFA) – and it too is “suspicious”.  National Weather Service has confirmed (as of last Wednesday) there was NO LIGHTNING in the area encompassing both the AFA fire and the Black Forest Fire.  The initial cause of the AFA fire was thought to be lightning, now we know better.

As of this time:

483 homes are gone.

14,973 acres (or thereabouts) is burned.

2 dead (over taken by a fire storm at their home as they were attempting to leave.

THOUSANDS have been evacuated and most of them can’t go home, many have no homes to go home to.

Fire is 65% contained and should be 100% by Thursday or Friday.

Containment, by the way merely means they have held the LINES of the fire.  They have not put it OUT.  It’s not out, it’s not safe to go back in yet.  Even at 100% it won’t necessarily be “safe”.  Until it is out completely, they likely won’t let residents go back in.

In LESS than one year we have had TWO major, devastating fires that have destroyed about 900 homes in the region.  Some were small homes, some were multimillion dollar homes.  Some people who lost homes in the Black Forest Fire ALSO lost their home in the Waldo Canyon fire and had the bad luck to move to Black Forest.

Both of these were apparently set by a human, and chances are damned good at this point they were deliberate.


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