7 thoughts on “Nevada’s Governor Vetoes Universal Background Checks! Great Job Governor Brian Sandoval…

    • I love it when Americans make their voices be heard.
      We are seeing the same results in this Amnesty fiasco and I am urging everyone to take the three minutes out of their computer lives and call, email or fax their Two Senators and their Representative and demand they do our bidding!
      Hopefully the dim witted Liberals aren’t doing the same and doubtfully believe they are…


    • haha. They are misprogrammed. They wre hippies as kids of the 60s. Now they apply what they learned – or didn’t learn, to every day life and obviously come to incorrect conclusions based on bad thinking, drugs and deaf ears (you know, WAY to loud music); and God knows what the LSD did to them.

      Now they are in charge of the White House, half of Congress and some are even sitting on the Supreme Court as Justices.

      Hey, man, Peace and Love….lol


    • Our Party isn’t fairing any better.
      We had those who were fighting hard for us and we turned our backs on them, and many are leaving, Bachmann has just had enough and I can’t blame her, the Conservative base and GOP has wrongly beaten her down for the last time, Joe Wilson and Trey Gowdy who should be gaining the conservative support here SC aren’t. Instead, many flock to the likes of Rubio, Romney, Murkowski who are nothing more than watered down moderates or neoconservatives, whilst turning their backs on the more fiscal ones, the very ones fighting for them with long term solutions, not short term fixes that are doomed to fail…
      I have been begging Trey or Joe to run against Gramnesty, but as a fact, they just don’t have the support, even though they should. Despite the fact that Graham is detested by the Southerners, the conservative base still clings to this braying ass of a traitor, they’re scared to death to let a Democrat have his seat, they’re scared because they don’t understand the politics of it and don’t look ahead at the big picture.
      We bemoan these elected fools, but it’s a fact that we keep electing them and they become as seated as a tick on a hounds hiney dug in deep, but when they get full, they don’t roll over and just fall off, they find another comfy hole, we are who we vote for and it’s showing in our culture.
      Why not just let these Rinos, Mavericks and Neocons lose their seats ifn we can’t replace them during an election, just be done with them, come the next election cycle we will have a better more suited candidate to put in their stead, but at least we won’t be leaving one of our own who are expanding the Democrats power base through the GOP by betraying us, which is worse, a seated Democrat, or a GOP elitist who are supporting the Democrats policies, and who are deliberately betraying us.
      We’re never going to get rid of them until we make some hard core sacrifices, it’s time to clean house, we can ill afford to be fighting both party’s, we just can’t sustain it, it’s a fact that it’s tearing us apart?

      Love your site by the way, great job Brother and keep it going on!


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