Rep. Jeff Duncan Looking Into IRS Agents Training With AR-15s

Really? If those are weapons only the military should use, then why are IRS agents training with them? What do they need them for? Are they planning to “go to war” with someone? Maybe… ummm… US??????? Well, we have AR15s too (along with every other conceivable weapons you can think of), remember that.

Sheeple: People unable to think for themselves

Rep. Jeff Duncan, a Republican Congressman from SC, has started a bit of a firestorm on Twitter. Duncan is the Homeland Oversight Chair, and during a recent tour of a DHS facility, the congressman noticed IRS (yes, the Internal Revenue Service) agents training with AR-15 style rifles.

Why you might ask? Well that’s a good question, and the congressman has the same ones. It’s been known that the Department of Homeland Security has been bulking up their guns and ammo reserves for sometime now. However, this is the first report we’ve gotten of IRS agents getting in on the action. Now, the IRS does have armed enforcement agents, and they have for a long time, but why they now need tactical training is a serious question.

Here are the relevant tweets:



Several Twitter followers weighed in on the subject. Some questioning the Congressman’s info and some raising more questions.





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