Colorado Wild Fires Update

Status this morning.

No known deaths or injuries here in town.

The Northern evacuation area has extended northward to County line rd on the North, Highway 83 on the west (slightly east of I25).

The winds are out of the south at 5-12 mph and will likely be out of the south most of the day.

Around 100 homes are gone, severely damaged or with some damage (I think the count I heard last night was 85 total loss)

We had Dc10s, C13-s and helicopters dropping a significant amount of water and an unknown number of firefighters on the lines. About a dozen fire fighting stations (cities, and other areas) are fighting this. The Army National Guard is relieving police forces for area protection to keep looters out.

Down south the Royal Gorge Fire is somewhat contained (I don’t know this morning but was around 25% last night). The bridge has suffered some damage, and 22 buildings on the site are just gone.

The La Veta Fire further south was, at last check about 45% or so contained. At this time no damage to structures has been reported, no casualties.

I do not know the status of the fire in the Pike National Forest up north at this time.

NUMEROUS smaller fires have been reported and extinguished all along the I25 corridor from at least Denver to my north, to the southern border of Colorado……

I have NOT heard jack on if any of them were “deliberate” but I know a lot of people are seriously pissed around here not getting any information about the cause of this fire, and pointing out “we still don’t have the person who started the Waldo Canyon fire!” – I’ve heard that addressed more than once by several different people, both on television and around the area.


Current Map as of 0730 Mountain Time:

North Colorado Springs, Black Forest, El Paso, Douglas and Elbert Counties

North Colorado Springs, Black Forest, El Paso, Douglas and Elbert Counties ares affected


Here’s a couple of images taken from in front of my own house:


Taken from Author's house.

Taken from Author’s house.

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