Colorado Wild Fires

After leaving work yesterday at 1430 I drove west towards town and couldn’t miss the massive smoke plume that extended as high as 20,000 feet and several miles to the North East.  Black Forest Colorado, a “suburb” of Colorado Spring was burning.

As the evening wore on we found out there wasn’t one fire, there were five.  All of the scattered up and down the I-25 corridor, and all within a few miles of the freeway.  All of them appear to have started around the same time yesterday between noon and 2 PM local time.

One of my local contacts, good friend and Iraqi Veteran was traveling north to Castle Rock yesterday evening and spotted what he called “a special unit” and said “either Special Forces in civilian clothing or a “secret agency maybe” with EOD equipment giving everyone on the freeway “the evil eye”.

I asked if it were a training mission, he said “no, if so they would have been in a real convoy but are scattered all up and down the freeway, using radios and so forth”.

The fires all started roughly one year after the fires on Waldo Canyon, which is in view of my home in Colorado Springs.

Waldo Canyon burned several hundred homes, and encompassed several thousand acres, killed two elderly people and numerous animals.  Local authorities call it a “man caused” fire and the “man” has never been caught.  The other details, like exactly where it started and how have never been released.  That to me is suspicious.

My thinking is because the EOD folks appeared active and “doing a mission” according to my friend (and he’s trained in explosives, been in combat, I know him and trust him) that they are actively seeking a suspect in these fires.  The local news media and authorities have said nothing.  This is me saying it.  I think these fires were all deliberately set, I think EOD was out because the suspects are using incendiary devices with timers to get clear before the fire starts and they are monitoring the airwaves and scanners to stay clear of authorities.

Normally, I wouldn’t say this if I thought it were true – but I doubt they read my blog…. And I would sincerely like to see them caught.  If you are in Colorado and see any suspicious in areas where fires are burning, report it.

Already thousands of people have been evacuated.  The Territorial Prison in Canon City has been evacuated.  Our Royal Gorge Bridge is damaged and we don’t even know yet how badly.  Military reservists (especially Military Police) were activated last night and the local Army Base sent air drops to put slurry on fires.  Those things are NOT NORMAL. It usually takes “exhaustion of local resources and a request at the President” to activate military units (not Guard!) and get Federal Resources on the fires.  It was several DAYS before we could get C130s from Peterson on the fire last year!

Something is up, something bad.  More than 100 homes have burned in Black Forest already.