The Rio Norte Line

If you have not read Orwell’s “1984” in the last 12 months, go get a copy and read it NOW!  You are living in a world that far surpasses the one in this book and I doubt you even know it.

We now have:

TV’s that watch you as you watch them.

Cell phones that know where you are, track you, and can be used to listen to you and see what is around you without your knowledge.

Computers that will report everything you look at, read, and all chats/emails you send.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards and Electronic Checking that report on everything you buy (unless you use cash with a merchant who has no cross-supporting systems in their store).

Cameras that watch you while in public, can identify you – specifically – and automatically report on your location/activities.

Power meters that report your water, gas and electricity usage…

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