Newtown Ct and Boston connection?

UPDATE:  Police have boarded an AMTRAK train in the area of Norwalk, Bom squads were in the area. Train was evacuated. According to Lindsay Nyberg, a passenger on the train, those on board were told that there might be a person of interest on a train ahead of theirs.


An accomplice or associate of the suspect was believed to have taken a train to Connecticut, which appeared to have been stopped and surrounded at East Norwalk, NBC News learned.

Connecticut state police said police stopped a train that was traveling from Boston to Stamford as a precaution, since it was coming from Boston and stopping so close to New York City.

Officials from the Metro-North Railroad Metropolitan Transportation Authority issued a statement saying Amtrak’s Acela train #2151 was stopped at 8:22 a.m. in East Norwalk.

The Norwalk police SWAT team and MTA police, searching for a person of interest in the Boston situation, swept the train and the search turned up no results and the train was allowed to proceed at 9:16 a.m. 

I just got word Police have a “third suspect” in Norwalk Ct at a train station.


Norwalk is… oh, 6 -7 miles perhaps from Newtown.

What if…….

Lanza, his mom and the whole town of Newtown were patsies for these terrorists.  Lanza was set up to keep heat off the terrorists?

Yeah, I know, it’s a stretch, but it would make a LOT of sense how someone could walk in and kill a lot of little kids, why there was someone – a man in camo that got away….

What if?

3 thoughts on “Newtown Ct and Boston connection?

  1. Again, I will emphasize, I’m GUESSING here, supposition, not making it up, just guessing.

    And as to the train station “suspect” I am getting that from a secondary source, so again, I don’t have enough data on it to verify it yet. The rest is me just “talking”.

    But really, if you think about it, Chechnya was full of these kinds of people, and there was at least one massive murder in Beslan, a school, by these sorts of guys. Young Muslim terrorists who killed little children. 380 people or so died in that.

    I think they guys are in a bigger cell, and I THINK whomever else is involved might have done the Sandyhook school as a trigger event… Americans – especially Liberals did PRECISELY what we would have (and did) expected of them. They freaked out, wanted to ban guns. From all they’ve said about Lanza I just haven’t been able to reconcile his alleged actions with the whole incident (and neither have some of my friends who are and were in Intelligence).

    I just DO NOT think he acted alone, I don’t think he killed his mother; someone else probably did it and I’ve been saying that since day one. It isn’t a stretch to say someone forced Lanza to dress like he did and when it was all done, put the weapons in his hands, including the one that killed Lanza himself and head out the back door. Cops got there AFTER THE FACT.

    Some guy was there who was picked up for a shot time and released (dressed in Camos – widely reported too).

    I just think there was a LOT more to Newtown than some kid with mental issues.

    Right now, only God Himself knows the truth and I think there are people trying to keep it that way.


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