Boston Bomb Terrorism: Who are these guys?

Cops?  Military?  I’m pretty good at picking out Secret Service guys out of a crowd (used to work with ’em).

Operators of some kind.  Note the earpieces.  BOTH are doing something I caught myself and others doing often, pressing the earpiece into the ear to hear a broadcast.  The top image shows them apparently after the blast.  The bottom photo shows them before the blast, standing far back from the actual blast scene.

Will post more as I examine this.

Edit: A few notes.  Having been in… situations where I was placing someone under surveillance in the past or helping observe certain things, these guys were dressed in a manner like I might dress when going into a “situation”.

Cargo pants, tan, nice looking, good for carrying things without a lot of notice.

They are DEFINITELY wearing earpieces going to a radio under their jackets.

We (me, work mates, military, etc) routinely carry black backpacks all the time. I have one with.. “stuff” in it for daily carry.  It’s a SOC medium black backpack with internal frame, carry it every day.  Similar to the packs those guys are carrying.

Top Photo, guy on left: Has on what APPEARS to me to be a Press Badge or some kind of event badge.  They are used routinely for staff members at events in all sorts of conditions and situations.  The badges get you past the cops or into holding rooms for say, the President at an event.

Guy on the left… Army for sure…. blondish fellow.  Short haircut, carries himself like an Army enlisted person.

Boots… forgive me the images are blurry, but… Desert combat boots on both of them?????

I don’t know. I’m “Guessing” but what do you think?

I doubt they are the “bombers” but were they Spec Ops guys sent in to find someone and missed the target?

Edit: Here’s the hat the guy is wearing: Logo on back says “Violence does solve problems”



Last Edit:  These guys are, in my humble opinion “the good guys”.  They had nothing to do with this directly.  They were there perhaps as undercover guys, had an idea something was up, part of a training exercise.  To be honest, they are the guys I’d RUN TO, or RUN TO ASSIST in an emergency – or a firefight.  So, folks who have these photos and have been adding lines and comments on… well, you saw them.  Now, find the bad guys in those images.

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  1. You need to post this on news sites all over. This to me looks very wrong. maybe they have the wrong guys…


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