The bombs are “Crude, unsophisticated but still deadly”

And the media is spinning this like a gyroscope…..

The explosives used in the Boston Marathon bombs were crudely designed, leading some federal investigators to hypothesize that they were domestic rather than international in origin, three federal law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

and this:

The bombing Monday did not carry the hallmark of sophisticated explosives seen in foreign terrorist attacks using suicide bombers or improvised explosive devices planted along roadsides, they said. The bombs did not appear to have used plastic explosives, for example. And the white smoke seen on videos of the blast indicates it was “not a pristine military device” which would have emitted dark smoke.

and of course this:

Another indicator that the blast did not have international origins is that no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, and no further threats have been issued. Foreign terrorists often boast, and warn of more attacks to come.

Instead, “everything’s gone quiet,” said one official.

It appears to ME that the media is so desperate for this to be a “domestic” attack since the President himself said they couldn’t yet say if this were “foreign or domestic”.  Apparently they are trying to hijack those words from us defenders of the Constitution now.

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