Patriot’s Day Bombing: Politicized already by…a Democrat?…go figure

So starts the “Jumping to conclusions” by the left. They are trying to get their blame in there before anyone is found to be the perpetrators. Me, I’ll go with Muslims (and no I won’t say “Extremists”, Muslims want us dead, period regardless of what they claim).

Setting off bombs on Patriot’s Day, in Boston of all places…. is the act of an evil person.

I am NOT a conspiracy theorist, but I WILL STATE HERE I believe this is an attempt to blame gun owners (the use of gun powder, as one guest stated on Fox and Friends this morning, people said they smelled it) – Gun owners buy large amounts of gun powder to reload. An attempt to ban it? To blame gun owners? Why were Sandy Hook families there? Who sent them there? Who paid for their trips there?????